Registration Information

TOPHC 2018 Registration Opening Soon!

Attendees can now either attend session’s in-person or remotely through webcasting. We are pleased to offer an accessible experience for all attendees. If you require any accommodations please don’t hesitate to reach out and a team member will be happy to assist you.

On this page you will find information on CME accreditation, Webcasting, Badge Sharing and answers to Frenquently Asked Questions.

Click here to register for all in-person sessions and to view all registration rates.

Badge Sharing

All delegates will be issued a badge at registration. The badge must be worn at all times during the convention. If you are badge sharing please be aware of the following:

– Each paid registration may be shared by a maximum of two people per day.

– The person using the shared badge must leave the badge at the “Badge Sharing” section of the registration desk when leaving TOPHC.

– TOPHC will not issue a new badge or change the name on a shared badge if the shared badge is not returned to registration.

– Your sharing partner(s) may pick up the badge from Badge Sharing at the registration desk when they arrive at the convention.

– Please ensure that if you are sharing a badge, the alternate badge wearer is aware of this procedure.

If you have any questions, please contact


If you are not able to attend TOPHC in person, TOPHC is now offering live webcasts of the three plenary sessions:

Day 1 – March 21, 2018 –8:30 -10:00 am EST | Opening Ceremony and Sheela Basrur Centre Lecture

Day 2 – March 22, 2018 8:30-11:30 am EST | TBA

Day 3 – March 23, 2018 –8:30-9:00 am EST | TBA

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