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TOPHC 2017 was our biggest event yet! Over 875 attendees explored the theme Global Challenges. Local Solutions. Check out last year’s highlights including: recordings of the plenary sessions, presentations and photos.

Plenary Session Day 1: Sheela Basrur Centre Lecture   


Plenary Session Day 2: Detroit – From bankruptcy to urban renewal


Plenary Session Day 3: Immigrant and refugee health 



 Concurrent Sessions


Session 14d_Social network analysis of Public Health Ontario's IPAC department.pdf

Session 15a_Evaluating a tobacco cessation clinic in Halton.pdf

Session 16a_Predictors of early development_ Understanding the local context in Toronto.pdf

Session 17_Yesterday_today and tomorrow_Navigating the challenges of and creating solutions for IPAC complaint investigations at a local level.pdf

Session 18_The pot calling the kettle black_IPAC audits of clinical services in a public health unit.pdf

Session 20c_The pulse on social media in Ontario_Current and potential impacts of social media for local public health for emerging public health incidents.pdf

Session 21_Honouring the Two Row Wampum.pdf

Session 23_Playing up quality improvement_Spartan race.pdf

Session 25_Cannabis legalization_Developing the local public health agenda.pdf

Session 26_My Health eSnapshot_Improving preconception health through innovation and technology.pdf

Session 27_Effecting IPAC change in hard to reach populations.pdf

Session 28d_Triple threat to infection_Collaboration for standardization in merged hospitals IPAC Program.pdf

Session 30_The food safety of resurgent food technologies.pdf

Session 34d_Surveying residents to inform SF Policy Dev.pdf

Session 35d_The application of behaviour change theory to the Ontario Healthy Kids Community Challenge.pdf

Session 37a_The 2016 landscape survey of antimicrobial stewardship programs in Ontario hospitals.pdf

Session 38_Ontario’s universal iInfluenza immunization program.pdf

Session 39_Responding to suspected non-communicable disease clusters_ the fine art of communicating science.pdf

Session 49d_Examining the evidence for individual-level protective measures against west nile virus and lyme disease.pdf

Session 55a_Uncovering a critical opportunity to reduce cancer risk in primary care.pdf

Session 55d_Identifying cancer burden and risk across geographic areas in Ontario.pdf

Session 57a_Walking About_Implementing a walking audit program through inter-sectoral and community collaboration.pdf

Session 57c_Exploring walkability and pedestrian safety in Thunder Bay.pdf

Session 59a_Correlation of School Absenteeism.pdf

Session 59b_Spatial surveillance of Legionellosis.pdf

Session 59d_Improving latent TB infection treatment completion rates.pdf



Poster 11_Implementation of a Compliance Management.pdf

Poster 12_Conducting a Collaborative Evaluation in a Harm Reduction Setting.pdf

Poster 18_Screening for Health Equity in Primary Care.pdf

Poster 20_Enhancing the integration of mental health promotion in public health.PDF

Poster 21_Using an App to Develop Best Practices for Clinicians and Caregivers.pdf

Poster 25_Examining the association between demographics and risk behaviors among students.pdf

Poster 29_A Media Analysis of Theme 1 _Run. Jump. Play. Every Day..pdf

Poster 32_Developing a performance measurement framework for school travel planning.pdf

Poster 36_Public Health and Planning 101.pdf

Poster 42_Tanning Practices of Canadian High School Students.pdf

Poster 54_Review of drug-implicated deaths in jail in Ontario.pdf

Poster 58_Evaluating the role of non-traditional contact methods in STI case management.pdf

Poster 60_HIV and Aging_MESH_a multidisciplinary patient-centered enhancement program.pdf

Poster 67_Integrated web-based surveillance system with R and ArcGIS.pdf

Poster 82_Incidence of Hospitalization due to Pneumococcal and All-cause Pneumonia.pdf

Poster 83_Is fever a reliable indicator of influenza in adults.pdf

Poster 84_Assessing Areas of Vulnerability and Risk to Prevent an Increase in HIV Incidence.pdf

Poster 85_Adenovirus-related epidemic keratoconjunctivitis at a tertiary care hospital ophthalmology clinic.pdf

Poster 87_Community paramedicine.pdf

Poster 89_Transition Towns as social movement allies in the development of transformative low-carbon resilience.pdf

Poster 91_Temperature Control for Food Safety and Microbial Growth.pdf







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Sheela Basrur Centre at TOPHC 2017


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